In game industry since 2008. 

Mobile game dev since 2010.


I live in China now,

work as independent game developer.

(a bit) About Me

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hello, I'm

Jay Sun

Game Design & Development


I started my journey from 3D graphics and animations in Maya.


I self-taught programming because I need to write tools.


Later I started to dev games.

I didn't ship a hit. But still trying, I think this's the thing I could keep doing until I'm too old.


Open to job opportunities.

To learn, to improve, to have new experience.


I made 50+ game apps as I could remember, mostly removed from sale, or was made for a customer.

Most games were written in Corona SDK, Lua language. Now make new projects in Unity3D.


Below are my projects I think I should display here.


Jetrats Defense

Dozens of items, weapons and enemies in this game, it's too complex for me back to the day.

Finally, I shipped it.

Sorry the video preview is bit too long. I should make it around 60 secs.

[I removed it from the app store, the code need huge updates to run properly on new devices]



Canyon Shooting

A Target shooting simulation.

Was made for test, but seems player love such game play.

Since then, I made several new apps in this niche.

It was a hard time to decide if I should add new contents, because every time I released new version, downloads and rank drops at the same time.


Deer Target Shooting

Target shooting, for hunters.

Another try in the target shoot niche.

Later I reskined this game into different themes.


More Games


All those games are in the same niche, target shooting.


Any question or just say Hi, feel free to message me.

I will add more projects here, remember to get back later.